Monday, July 23, 2007


So, I've been debating for some time now on which Orisinal game(s) to post about. Well, I'm taking the easy way out and just tossing you all a link to You can't make me pick a favorite! You can't!

If you could, it might be "Bugs". Or if I'm in the mood for a puzzle game, I'd probably pick "Bauns". You know, "Roperunner" is pretty damn fun too once you get the hang of the control scheme. Gah! How can so many great games come from one mind?

There's also a rather nifty eCard maker down toward the bottom of the page that allows you to arrange flowers and then send off your unique arrangement for that special occasion. Yes, that one. Aren't you glad I reminded you?


Why play it? Erm, don't I mean "Why play them?" Well, play them because they are fun. Play them because they are cute. Play them because they are both extremely challenging and extremely gorgeous. To put it simply, Ferry's games are what all Flash artists should strive toward making. And you should strive toward the link to on the right.

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