Sunday, November 16, 2008


Everyone is born and everyone dies.

Passage is more of an exploration of the human condition than a fun diversion. It's got a very somber feel to it and it's Sega Master System graphics only amplify that. The long, thin screen represents your lifeline. As you wander through your life, you find treasure chests that represent accomplishments you've made. You can find friends or even a mate along the way. Once you're paired up, however, you'll be blocked from accessing some of the treasures only a single person could reach, but every step along the way is more rewarding.

As you progress through your life, the bars of compressed color that represent possibility unfold before you and memories are made behind you. Eventually, you being to age, slow down and die. The possibilities fade and diminish and are replaced with a lifetime of memories piled behind you. The questions then begin. Was my life fulfilling? Did I make the right choice to go after that one chest, wasting precious time in the process? Did it behoove me to marry when I did or should I have waited?

All in all, Passage makes you feel a bit unsettled, but in the best way possible. Try it out and make the best of your little, digital life. Try It!

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