Friday, November 23, 2007

Nifflas Stories

In case you've missed the buzz, Nifflas has produced his third masterpiece. This time with a fabulous level editor/creator, Nifflas' newest creation is not one game, but many. Each a world potentially as large as the one we encountered in Knytt, the "stories" in Knytt Stories are captivating, eerie expanses that will draw you in and only let you go once you've mastered them.

The free download of the game client and editor comes with a tutorial plus a large level entitled "The Machine". Also available for download are five other levels made by Niffilas himself and a third-party expansion pack with levels designed by some of the beta testers. All in all, there are eleven full worlds to explore (plus the tutorial) once you download all of the expansions listed on Nifflas's site. With an editor as easy and fun to use as the one included with the game, I'm sure that there'll be even more worlds to explore as time goes on. In any case, Knytt Stories is hands down the best game that Nifflas has come up with yet. Check out this great game by following the link to his site in the link dump to the right.